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Bullying in the Name of Jesus- Revisited- Karel Reynolds Shares Insights? Speak out!

August 21, 2014 I wrote, “Bullying in the Name of Jesus” found here. After watching an episode of “Without A Trace”, I expounded on the North Carolina Anti-Bullying law and how the evolving practices inside Word of Faith Fellowship were in violations of the law, in my opinion. Most of the post is included below.

The subject of bullying has again raised its ugly head in the events in Cocoa, FL. The schedule for the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS) Holocaust Museum found here tells us that Karel Reynolds will share insights on “Bullying and the Holocaust.” No, I am NOT kidding you. The second-in-charge leader of WFCS which employs heavy handed, all encompassing measures of behavior modification (punishment) reported as more and more abusive, will stand up in front of total strangers and teach on the bullying measures of the German regime? Does the irony cause you to catch your breath and utter words of disbelief? (or worse?)

From the resource link:

“Viera author Jaimie Engle will lead a seminar on ways to prevent bullying, on Monday, April 20, and repeated on Wednesday, April 22, both nights from 6–7:30 p.m.
Engle wrote the anti-bullying children’s book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light after her son was bullied at school.
“Remember, with #everykidsvoice we can #targetbullying to stop it!” she said.
Museum director Karel Reynolds will add insight on connections between bullying and the Holocaust.
A full schedule of lectures on various Holocaust topics will be offered from Monday to Thursday.”

Jaimie Engle: How can you share the stage with Karel if you know ANYTHING about WOFF/WFCS? Please, Ms. Engle, don’t lower yourself and allow your lecture to be soiled by the words of a leader of such a recognized oppressive environment. (Contact Ms. Engle on Twitter -#jaimiengle or email – jaimiengle@cfl.rr.com)

These are a few comments I received back after sending out the schedule to survivors of WOFF. (anonymous – I did not ask permission to reveal names)

“I just read that article. She (Karel) should know all too well what bullying is. She’s been doing it for 20 years.”

“Well…she IS an expert on bullying! Jane said it from the pulpit that is was the gift of God in her!”

“…the disconnect between everything they think they know and stand for….

It is time to speak out. Contact Jaimie Engle by email or Twitter and let her know about WOFF/WFCS and the deeds done to the children in order to have the “600 Piece of Student-Created Art”. Ask her to refuse to carry on this charade by sharing the platform with Karel Reynolds.

In the words of David Pelzman, “WOFF puts the funk on the word- dysfunctional.” That sums it up for now.
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Controversy over support of WOFF Holocaust Museum continues (video)

The drama in Florida concerning the Word of Faith Fellowship(WOFF)-Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS)Holocaust Museum added another chapter Tuesday night. The city council of Cocoa held their first monthly meeting for April. Included in the public comment section were two individuals from the local Sister Cities group seeking continued support from the city, and President of Temple Beth Shalom, David Pelzman who spoke for the local Jewish community in reconsidering the council’s resolution of support for the WFCS Holocaust exhibit.

The lady speaking for the Sister Cites group admitted her organization found out about the WOFF indictments in March. That is not in dispute. What is in dispute is when did Ron Shelton, Program Director of the upcoming display, know about the five WOFF Indictments?

The Sister Cities representative put forth the idea that the indictments had nothing to do with the children or the museum. She asked for continued support of the Sister Cities project.

David Pelzman made an impassioned presentation on behalf of the local Jewish community. He stated that Ron Shelton was presented information about the indictments in mid-December. Going on, he pleaded with the council to see the children of the school as no different from the leaders, members and the work of the church. He stated the Jane Whaley is the leader of the church and a principal and teacher in the school. He likened the Holocaust display to the true story of the concentration camp, Theresienstadt. At this camp, the Germans organized a concert given by Jewish prisoners “who could play music” against the background of a “Hollywood set” to the watching eyes of the International community. He recognized no difference in what WOFF does in using the “Holocaust museum project to hide (from) the eyes of a moralistic and ethical society.”
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Jewish Leaders Pull Support for WOFF/WFCS Holocaust Museum in Florida

Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) supports, runs, dictates and determines the direction, emphasis and content of the Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS) Holocaust Museum display. To make statements with intent to misconstrue or blur the obvious relationship is short-sighted, replete with fantastical thinking and borders on deception. How do we know this relationship to be true? The reason is there is no one higher in authority, rank or power in WOFF than Jane Whaley. She is the Principal of the WFCS and the leader of the WOFF. As much as certain individuals would attempt to deny or blur the intimate relationship between these two groups of folks, they are indeed one in the same. Children who attend the school and their parents are members in WOFF. If there are students whose parents do not regularly attend, support and confess agreement with the doctrine and practices of WOFF, they are indeed the extreme minority, if they exist at all.

Ron Shelton, a retired pastor in Florida, viewed the WFCS display in Washington, DC in 2010. He was enthralled, engrossed and possibly enamored with the entire concept and display. He was so moved, he contacted the Jewish Community leaders in the Cocoa Beach area and convinced them to join his vision and help sponsor a display of the WFCS exhibit at the Space Coast Convention Center. He is the director of those efforts as witnessed by the quote from the website

“The purpose of The Holocaust Museum Central Florida 2015 Project is to reverse the trend of ignorance and denial about the Holocaust. This museum is unlike any other of its kind, featuring the incredible artwork of students from elementary to high school age. Designed to be viewed by all ages, this museum tells a heart-wrenching story through the eyes, hearts, and hands of young people dedicated to searching out and portraying the truth of this horrific chapter in world history. The unique interactive nature of this museum allows visitors to speak to the young artists who share the true stories of the people and events portrayed in these artistic creations.
Ron Shelton
Event Director”

Ron has no doubt put in countless hours of hard work pulling this event together. There are civic leaders and local government leaders as well as many schools anticipating the arrival of WOFF/WFCS for the display April 19th-23rd. Flyers have been distributed, school groups have committed to attend. (The listing of schools attending is on the Facebook page for the event.) Local media has been used to advertise the event and solicit donations. I do not know how much of that money is directed to WOFF/WFCS. For the purpose of this post, the amount is immaterial. In no way am I slighting the efforts of countless volunteers or the education emphasis to improve awareness of the Holocaust and the history surrounding this tragedy.
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New Page Added- Quick Links to Posts

Yesterday, I spent about an hour talking on the phone to some new readers. In answering their questions, I found myself referencing certain posts. Unfortunately, I also realized these posts were in essence buried among hundreds of other posts and not easy to find. The solution has been to set up a page for vital links to previous posts of interest. The “Quick Links” page header at the top will take you to a page of links to previous posts grouped by subject. We start with survivor stores and at the bottom of the list are posts about the WOFF obsession with the Holocaust.

Today, I realized I had left off the post about the Mind Control Forum last year and have added that link. In the future, I may add other links or pages with certain themes. The Matthew Fenner case may one day have its own page. The story is about to explode again in the media on April 1st. Revisit this blog in the near future for other exciting news about the drama of destruction called Word of Faith Fellowship.
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