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Jane Whaley Featured in the New York Times? Really?

On Sunday, I received a text saying Jane Whaley had her picture on page 16 of the New York Times. What? Details were not forthcoming and my efforts to find the treasure online proved fruitless. I refused to become a subscriber in order to possibly see Jane’s picture. Nope. This treasure will have to wait.

Monday, my search efforts were rewarded differently. There it was in an article titled- “Electoral Map Gives Donald Trump Few Places to Go.” by Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman. The picture shows Jane Whaley, Leigh Valentine, Sam Whaley easily recognized. Also, with additional examination you see Frank Webster behind Sam and Josh Farmer to Sam’s right with his head down. I wonder if Robin Webster is standing to Frank’s left. Were there other members of the Trump groupies from WOFF? The caption did not list the names of course and it was taken a few days ago at a Trump Rally in Winston Salem, NC.

And yet my thoughts raced. What? Jane is not the center piece of the article? I was confused. There was not even mention of her efforts to promote Holocaust education with her traveling “Holocaust Museum”? No mention of her thriving Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) in Spindale, NC; a growing, loving, caring group of non-denominational Christians who endure “persecution” for exercising their religious freedoms? No mention. Not even a speck of ink about her Word of Faith Christian School and their academic superiority which every student exhibits (with a little help).
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WOFF Contradictions – Part 3

     We continue on with the contradictions that I witnessed at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). The previously stated qualifying statements continue here. These are my opinions. Some contradictions are obvious and some need to be explained.  

     The WOFF website contains very interesting information and pictures. Under the “Outreach” tab there is a header for “Political Outreach”. On this page there are several photos of current and former elected officials including former First Lady Laura Bush, former Congressman Charles Taylor, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton and North Carolina Senator Debbie Clary. All of this is very impressive. Another page in this grouping is titled “Our Purpose”…. This page explains the position of WOFF in reference to praying for and respecting civil authorities. The text goes on to explain the many activities that WOFF and its members have been involved in such as voter registrations, non-partisan forums, congressional prayer breakfasts, petitioning of state and national leaders.  

     The Articles of Incorporation for The Word of Faith Fellowship, Incorporated can be found at the following link.   http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/corporations/Filings.aspx?PItemId=4982905   This is public information on the North Carolina Secretary of State website.  Under Article X, it says that “No substantial part of the activities of Word of Faith Fellowship, Incorporated shall be the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and The Word of Faith Fellowship, Incorporated shall not participate in or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) a political campaign”.  I encourage readers to read the entire document for context.

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How Do WOFF Members Know Who to Vote for?

   Elections are coming and will be upon us soon. After reading of the Information Control for WOFF members,  how would a WOFF member know how to vote? With no regular access to media, newspaper or Internet, there was information provided. Here was the way that information was delivered.  

     One designated member would view websites, call candidates and ask questions and maybe even attend political forums for the candidates in the local and state races.  Usually the service right before an election, this person would hold a voluntary meeting for those eligible to vote to go over all the information about the candidates. This meeting could last two or more hours. There was a lot of material to cover. Handouts and sample ballots would be provided. Several times, the Democrat candidates would be covered first and then the Republican candidates. During the reviews, it was obvious this person had conservative views and personally supported many of the Republican candidates.  If a candidate did not have a website or just had a page with not much information on their views, that was a negative in this person’s mind. There was a great deal of trust placed in this member to deliver the information to the members in a balanced fashion. This year could be different as this person is now publicly endorsing Ramona Hall a democrat, for Clerk of Court. The mixing of politics and religion often makes for strange bedfellows. Will this person keep that roll this year for this election cycle?

     In contrast to the present, this candidate information person also spent time campaigning for and working for Congressman Charles Taylor in years past. Several WOFF members would work the telephones for the Congressman before certain elections. Congressman Taylor visited WOFF at least twice that I remember. (it could have been more often..) The youth of WOFF sang at the prayer breakfast meetings that Congressman Taylor held in years past. I never attended as I was usually working, but I did hear all the details when the group would return to the church.

     WOFF in years past, would hold political forums. The early ones I did not attend. However, in more recent years, certain candidates for the local offices would be invited to speak. Some would take the opportunity. I remember one county councilman came to WOFF to explain local issues and that was very informative. Especially since reading the local newspaper was taboo.

     Some observations: last year I met and spent some time with a retired couple from Hendersonville. He was retired from a branch of the military service. He and his wife had spent several years working for Congressman Taylor. His admiraton for the Congressman was evident and deeply felt. When I mentioned I knew some other campaign workers, his interest perked up. When I called their names and asked him what he knew about WOFF? He immediately changed as he nor his wife then had much to say. The conversation lightened some when I assured these folks that I did not attend WOFF any longer. Still the subject was closed after a few brief comments in which they both acknowledged they knew the folks I spoke about. This conversation left some unanswered questions for sure. Select “More” to read about a conversation with an elected official.

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