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What Are the Possible WOFF Defenses? Part 1

      When one considers the content of many of these posts, the question comes to mind – What are the possible defenses offered by Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF),  in light of this information? As I have stated before, the foundation of the blog is the experience I had on the INSIDE of this group. Many posts on this personal blog expound upon and compare my experiences with those of other survivors of other mind control or religious cult groups. I also use the writings of certain experts in the field of mind control and/or cults to analyze certain of my experiences, in light of their research and material. I attempt to qualify my statements, as much as possible, when I express opinions based on these experiences and on further reading, after exiting WOFF.

     This entire process has been enlightening and exciting in many ways. Over the last two years since my exit from WOFF, I have found that some folks would rather not read or talk about such “dark subjects” as religious mind control groups or cults. One person recently said to me that he did not want to cast off or put down another person’s beliefs. I made the point that it is not the beliefs by themselves that come under scrutiny, but those beliefs which are used to support the practices which experts believe are tied directly with mind control and/or the control of others. Some folks find it hard to actually make assessments of other groups that call themselves “churches” for fear of being accused of judging the members of that group. That caution is noted and respected.

    However, let it also be noted that my intentions are to shed light on the practices within groups that cause members to lose the ability to make informed decisions and/or give up certain unalienable rights and freedoms, which are afforded to leadership of that group or society as a whole. The people, who make it a habit to control others in the name of religion, will suffer their due, over time.  It is the exposure of such practices that many readers find fascinating. (So I am told…) The hunger to root out deception, either in myself or others- or both, and bring to light such practices, resulted in the majority of the posts on this blog.  

    So, let us list as many as defenses of WOFF as possible, some known and some pure conjecture. As we list, we will answer them one by one.

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Don’t Read That Article! July 2006

      One service, in July of 2006 at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), the church secretary came into the sanctuary and began to explain an article written in the local paper. The article was about another member who had filed bankruptcy and was asked to appear in the bankruptcy court as a normal procedure. This church secretary, the person filing bankruptcy, her company secretary who helped with the books and another man had been in court. The person who filed bankruptcy was Leigh Valentine.  A synopsis of the article which originally appeared in the Daily Courier, USA on July  23,  2006 is found here.. ( )

    After stumbling upon this article today, I remembered the church service and how it was handled. The church secretary had come and told the congregation in general terms about the article. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something to the effect of- “don’t read it, it’s about Leigh’s bankruptcy and there is a bunch of stuff in there that is not true… “.  She waved her hand toward the members sitting in the congregation, as if to say don’t waste your time and it really is nothing to be concerned about. But, when the article was not even brought before the group and read in brief; it caught my interest and of course, I found a copy online either the next day or the day after.

    Over the years, I have had to learn about bankruptcy and certain proceedings and the schedules that are required to be filed. Let me first say, I am no lawyer and do not know the ins and outs of the case in question. Leigh Valentine has been a part of WOFF either “in” or “in discipleship” or “out” over several years. The circumstances surrounding her involvement had raised questions for me during the previous years. For one, the WOFF “bookstore” sold her make-up after each service or after evening services when the room was open. In the words of a new friend, “What’s up with that?”

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Fathers’ Day at WOFF? Fourth of July?

     Am I too predictable? How could I NOT post about the lack of yet another holiday celebration at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF)? Is this a surprise that there is no recognized celebration for WOFF members on Fathers’ Day? Do we forget the matriarchal structure? If mothers are out on their day, then fathers have no chance. Let me restate from a previous post… Certainly, in this country, we are not required and should not be required to participate in any national, regional or cultural celebration regardless of the origin. Freedom to opt out or in is still a freedom.” Well, it is a freedom in the society at large. In order to continue at WOFF, you give up your ability or choice to opt in on several issues as they relate to family life. But, why is anyone surprised. Religious cults are known to do extensive damage to relationships between group members and their family members who do not believe. Pick a cult, any cult and examine this trait. You may be surprised how common it is. Well, many of the readers of this blog will not be surprised.   

    Let’s get a little background on the celebration from our trusty US Federal Government.

    Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington, first proposed the idea of a father’s day in 1909. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran who was widowed when his wife died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mrs. Dodd wanted to celebrate the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.

    The first Father’s Day was observed on June 19, 1910. June was chosen because it was the month of William Smart’s birth. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father’s Day. However, the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers was not issued until 1966, when President Lyndon Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Father’s Day has been celebrated annually since 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made it permanent.


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Why Did You Go Back? Answers from Present WOFF Member

     What a day! And what a night! We take a short break from our posts on the definition of “cults” to explain what happened this evening. As I made my way through Rutherford County, I stopped for gas. As I pulled up, so did a Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) member. I recognized them as one who had left and returned to WOFF. At first, I was going to ignore the situation. Then I realized this was a great moment to ask this person face to face why they went back. So, I turned and called their name. This person obviously did not recognize me right away. They said “Where do I know you from?” I said WOFF. Then I said that I had heard they went back. They said – yes. I asked how long ago? This person said about a year.

     Then I said I would like to ask them a question, if it is not too personal, only answer if you feel comfortable doing so. They said, Okay. I asked them why did you go back. There was the momentary facial expression of “how do I answer this one…”? This person stopped and after a momentary reflection said these things. I may not remember them in the correct order. But, for sure I have the content right.

    Well, it is obvious. It (WOFF) is where the life of God is. After I saw how I was living when I left, wasting my life; I saw the will of God was for me to return.

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A Letter to the Churches- From ??

     Recently, I learned about the letter which had been sent to several churches in Rutherford county. As the information came to me, several of the envelopes were addressed by hand. Possibly three different folks writing the addresses. There was no return address on the envelopes. The postmarks were from Charlotte, NC. The letter is posted below:
Unsigned letter sent to Churches
Downtown Activities

     The person who composed this attempted smear campaign against Robynn Spence did not have the courage to sign their work. The photo is reported by many as taken by Ramona Hall’s daughter.  (see here for previous post about Ramona Hall’s campaign – )    So, who could have been behind this? You tell me. The person composing this letter was a coward at best and was definitely showing their true colors. Whoever was involved in this letter campaign meant to stir up certain churches to encourage voters to shirk a qualified candidate, over a personal choice the candidate made. The key point is not if Robynn Spence chose to drink a beer. Drinking a beer does not disqualify a person from public office. (Presdent Obama reflects this point) The key point is the delivery method of the messenger. This shows the letter writer’s approval of using control and intimidation. The person who used this “tool” is really the “fool”. Are these the methods that this person condones and proposes to use, if they were to win the election to the Clerk of Court position? Would the “tool” be used again while administering the official duties of the office? Who colluded with the candidate and gave their approval of such a tactic? You tell me. Which candidate will go on record as denying their involvement in any way with this attempted smear campaign? If anyone has a written reply about this matter, please send to this address: or post a comment.  

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My Experience on “Watch” at WOFF

This post will cover experiences on overnight “watch” at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). The methods and people participating may have changed over the years, but the stated purpose has been the same.  It was explained to the members by Sam Whaley on more than one occasion, that the property insurance was discounted if we had 24/7 security or a “watch” on the property. There were three shifts at first, but that changed to two shifts of two folks on each shift. First shift started at 10:00PM and ended at 2:45AM. The second crew would come then and watch until 7:00AM. Many times folks would need to leave early to be at their jobs on time. So, the time between 6:00AM and 7:00AM – sometimes was not covered. There really was no coverage until the first office worker for the church showed up at 7:45AM or so. Some nights, second shift was not covered at all.

Many times, the person who was in charge of getting folks to sign up for watch would come in at the end of the Sunday evening service and announce how many spots were still open for watch. He would ask folks to volunteer. When that did not fill the schedule, he would start calling names and asking folks in front of everyone, which slot they could do. Occasionally,  he would ask why certain folks could not do watch? There may be the question – When were you last on watch?  This was definitely one of the most undesired tasks at WOFF. The young folks would be used the most. Married men with children or physical issues would often not be required to do watch every week. Some men NEVER did watch – for whatever reason. Many times the same core group of folks did the watch every week. Jane Whaley would sometimes stand up and “help” get folks for the slots still open. Funny, when she stepped up to get help filling the schedule, it did not take near as long. She had the “touch“. After all, who wanted Jane to single them out for not helping with watch? There could be “fallout” from that–right?

As mentioned, when I first came in 2002, I started volunteering for watch. At that time,  the second shift was required to sleep at the church in the school building. There would be mats or mattresses available to move to the classroom. Sometimes, it was hard to sleep in the school and that meant a long second shift. At some point, people were allowed to go home and sleep before second shift.  It was in later years, that married couples were allowed to do watch together. That actually was a pretty good chance to catch-up and talk to each other. A few couples would use this time slot for that purpose. Life at WOFF did not provide much time for adult conversation- including talking to your spouse. In more recent years, two ladies could do watch on first shift. (Occasionally, second..)  Some folks on watch would study for their classes. It was depending on the weather, for the position of the watch folks. Some would be in the school building in years past. Others would move to the breezeway between the sanctuary and office/fellowship building. Still others park in the church parking lot, on the road or across the street at a WOFF owned house.

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Thank You, for the New WOFF Website

     While the reaction of others has run the gamut, I am thankful that Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) has put up a website. Most assuredly, Jane Whaley approved each picture and page and line of content. It is very doubtful that she had any hand in the actual development, but since her name and reputation were/are at stake, she was/is “involved” for sure.  The layout is extensive and the graphics – well done. Finally, the whole world can see a little into this very controversial group. As far as note worthy church groups; WOFF does not rank as one of the largest. I must say, while I was there for many years- it seemed very large. There was in years past, and there is now on the website, talk of needing to expand the facilities. While my memory is not perfect, I see only about a dozen new  (unknown to me) folks in the very extensive array of pictures. (Some pictures seem to have been taken a while back)  Would that necessitate a new sanctuary? Or does that mean the growth of the membership is not documented on the website?

     The school did expand its facilities during last year- but that was not an option. When I left in 2008, there were 34 children under five years of age. Last June 17th, I learned that some students were not yet finished their classes from the spring schedule. I asked, why? The answer was that for many students who helped build the school, they got behind in their assignments as several classes were suspended and they had to finish in the summer. Another person who was there during that time mentioned that much of the wiring was done by two particular students who “were being trained”. He did not say they were licensed. But, it was probably counted as class time for something. One of the teachers is pretty skilled at construction and could have been the “teacher”. That is the flexible nature of private eduction.

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