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Information Control – Magazines -part 5 (cont.)

      Information control is a mind control technique in several groups across America. We have been comparing and contrasting two groups in particular, FLDS and WOFF. We have listed several areas that are similar in both groups. Here is the experience of one fellow in WOFF showing his appetite for magazines and the consequences he faced.

      When folks would not show-up for services, you would be careful to not make open conversation about it. Jane finally set the record straight and said “if you want to know where someone is- then come ask me”! She was the one responsible for whether someone was “in or out”, so go to the source!

      She often times would just start sharing in a service where certain folks had “given over to devils” and been “put out of the church to find a place of repentance.” One day, she explained about a man who worked for a church member-owned construction company that had an on going project at the local hospital. This fellow had not been in services for a while. He and his family had talked to us several times and spent time with us but, we had not ventured to ask.

      Jane went on to tell how he had been “caught” looking at magazines on the job at the hospital. “He was so engrossed, he did not even notice so and so, (the Holocaust class teacher, practicing her craft..) standing behind him- watching.” She had passed on the incident to Jane and he eventually was fired from the job. He had set a bad example and “attacked the testimony of Jane and WOFF” by doing such an evil thing on the job at the LOCAL hospital. He had a family to support, so he found work at a local plant and worked there for a few years until he “found a place of repentance” for himself. He later returned to the former construction company and was allowed back in the church after a LONG TIME being out! Subsequently, the construction work he was doing became too taxing for his knees and I am not sure what happened after that. He was told by a doctor he needed to find another type of work.

      So, be aware no place is “safe to sin”, especially in Jane’s county- Rutherford County, NC. Before my tenure was up, we all heard about Jane and one of her lieutenants catching a man from a sister church in NC several miles away playing video poker in a convenience store! He was toasted and roasted. He must have “loved it”, though. He moved a few years later from that sister church to the main WOFF in Spindale, NC. A few years earlier, I had had contact with his daughter and son-in-law. They did not “admire” the control techniques of WOFF and did not stay.

      So, onward to other subjects. There are yet more similarities between FLDS and WOFF. Also, I will share more of my personal experiences from 16 years of church services, seminars, special music services, memorial services, weddings, Friday night fellowships, daily living inside a WOFF household and more.. Here are some of the titles of posts yet to come:

–Jane Makes $600 a Month (and Gives Sam $200 from Her $) 

— The $50,000 Offering

— Jane Whaley- The Medical Debt Collector

— Jane Whaley Gets a New Dog- So Do Others!

— The May Seminar We Watched TV Preachers!

— The Toilet Paper Revelation

And yet, the fun “rolls” on…

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Information Control – Newspapers -part 5 (cont.)

      We will continue discussing Information control, as we consider newspapers. Actually, this is another case of one standard for Jane and one for “regular ” members. Jane would be very concerned as to the content of the local newspaper – especially when it had anything to do with her or WOFF members. She would either bring the evil newspaper in the church service or have someone else (usually one of her trusted leadership) bring one in to read parts of it to us — the “regular” folks. Of course, any news article that cast her in a favorable light or half-way told her story, made her happy and she would mention the reporter’s name. Depending on the “battle” at hand, we may even hear something out of the Charlotte Observer! How did she know every time when there was an article about her and/or the church?

      Regular members were not allowed to read the newspaper. One fellow’s wife found his newspaper under the seat of his pick-up truck and told Jane. Jane was ready for that “devil”. He was “corrected” in front of the whole church and made an example of… He said he was “just reading the sports page”… Oh, don’t make an excuse when Jane is giving you a major beat-down in front of the whole church! She would end up in such a high pitch, it would hurt our ears! She did that many times. You would think that everyone would just check their excuses at the door and take their scaldings! — Sadly, many did just that but, some would need more “persuasion”. This fellow took his “correction” and it was obvious he was barely treading water.

     What about the “free” copies that would be thrown at the end of your driveway from the local newspaper? Many times they would be run over when going in or out of the driveway or rot until it was evident that they were destroyed. Then someone could pick them up with no danger of being accused of reading them! Yes, this was life at WOFF.

     During the last few months of my WOFF tenure, I had an encounter that revealed the  “newspaper devil” in me. Here is my personal experience.

     In the first part of 2008, Bill Clinton came to Marion, NC. He was campaigning for Hillary. I rented a box at the local post office in Marion and there by the front door were two newspaper boxes just waiting for schlub like me. So, I glanced at the headline “Chief Campaigner”. Now, political leanings aside, that was big news for the small mountain town. I “stored” the info and truly had no inclinations to attend the meeting. Later that evening or the next; I shared that info with the same high school student from the Holocaust class. Well, the next church service, I was confronted in the hallway by one of the high level leadership. “So and so mentioned to me you were reading headlines from the newspaper in Marion! Do you have any conviction of how wrong that was?” I said- “No”. Immediately this person launched into a high-pitched Jane-like tirade about how “wicked I was and not setting a good example for the young people and how I would lose my family if this continued…” I was immediately sent to the “discipleship room” with all the other people struggling to “get their heart right”. In that room, you watched the church service on a “monitor” and were expected to fully participate with your “happy face”. It was understood, you were not allowed in the “sanctuary” before, during or after service. Well, most times: occasionally Jane would lift the ban and allowed those in discipleship to enter the doors, more often to sing, sometimes not. It was all so vague. If you needed further “correction” or “help”, you would hear your name over the monitor and quickly run to the sanctuary for your “encouragement” from Jane. Could it be more clear?

     My trip to the “discipleship room” could have been predicted, if I had just stopped to think about it. I had shown my penchant for a capacity for independent thought. It was obvious to others that there were some “restraints” that I did not agree with. Honestly, I had been reading the newspaper for a few years as part of my previous job as a property manager for a church member-owned company. I had to place adds in the newspaper! What a goofy set-up! You can’t, you shouldn’t but, you have to in order to perform your job? Wow, who can win when the rules are so convoluted and subject to change according to the situation you are in at the time? There is no doubt that you will be wrong when making your way through the ever changing situations.  But, who said living in a religious cult had to make sense or be easy?  🙂

“Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1786.

     Count me with President Jefferson.

      Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are some good readers inside of WOFF. I know for sure.. 🙂

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Information Control – Books -part 5 (cont.)

     As we continue on the subject of Information control and books, let me relate my personal experience. Seniors in the church school would dual enroll in certain approved classes through a not so local community college. The one class I had personal knowledge of was an online version of a class on the Holocaust. It was open to adults in the church by the teacher and I wanted to enjoy some time with a high school student taking the class. My knowledge of the subject was very limited.

     The book list was not long. I did read most of the material. One book was a pictorial of the time period. So, per the teacher, my book was “covered with sticky notes” by another concerned teacher close to the situation. So, as an adult my book was censored. Why did I let it happen? “You never want to appear “ungrateful” for someone taking the time to cover an “unclean picture” that “may attack you”… In order to continue with the class, I went along. The goal then was spending time with the student – not proving a point on censorship. The time spent with that student was more important than making waves. The goal was accomplished. I enjoyed the class regardless of the censorship.

     Why bring it up? It proves many points. One was the lengths people inside a mind control group will go to in order to get along and stay, versus being singled out and corrected in front of the group or their family. I wanted to be a part of the class and knew compliance to the censorship was not an option, but a requirement.

      Next, the teacher of the class at the community college holds a leadership position in WOFF. She preaches fairly often from the pulpit, as Jane allows and also serves as one of the administrators of the church sponsored school. She has taken Holocaust projects from her students and displayed them at certain public venues in the area, in years past. Her main class at the community college is the Holocaust class. She should be very familiar with Hitler’s Information control methods used to separate the German people from the outside world. Hitler’s learning position came as a “propaganda officer” in earlier years.

     In April of 2008, during a sermon preached at WOFF; this teacher in the school and community collage chided in a very demeaning manner anyone in the church who wanted to read the newspaper, watch TV or listen to the radio. She mocked this “person” by saying, “I just want to know, I just want to know…” She wagged her head and used a very mocking tone. The irony was so overwhelming! She has studied the effects of Information control during Hitler’s reign of terror. Yet, she gave her personal endorsement from the pulpit of WOFF for censorship, OBVIOUSLY with Jane Whaley’s approval. This person’s message was in total agreement with messages Jane had preached in years past. How could this teacher in the community college setting deny what she had studied in the years past? Does she not even doubt in her own mind the harm of using censorship on a group of people?– Or in her mind, “Do the ends justify the means”? Again, as Hassan writes, “When you control the information that a person is allowed to receive, you limit their capacity for independent thought.” (Releasing the Bonds, copyright 2000, page 42)  Her involvement in WOFF continues to be a subject of amazement.

     What more can be said on this incident? What price do people pay to stay in a group such as WOFF? What is the cost of ignoring the obvious Information control that exists in both FLDS and WOFF ? What advantage does this teacher derrive from ignoring her knowledge of well documented mind control in Hitler’s reign and be a willing accomplice to push the SAME MIND CONTROL on the folks at WOFF?

     “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” – Adolph Hitler

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are some good readers inside of WOFF. I know for sure.. 🙂

      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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FLDS vs. WOFF – the Similarities – part 5

     In “Releasing the Bonds”, (copyright 2000) Steven Hassan outlines the characteristics or marks of groups that practice mind control. He supplies the B.I.T.E. model as an easy way to remember the major parts of his well researched ideas. We mentioned this in the first post: Behaviour control, Information control, Thought control and Emotional control.

     Let us look at some ways that both FLDS and WOFF use Information control. Hassan writes, “When you control the information that a person is allowed to receive, you limit their capacity for independent thought.” Hassan explains the areas o f control;  “2. Access to non-cult sources of information minimized or discouraged  a. Books, articles, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio” (pages 42, 43) (emphasis added)

     We can stop here and immediately see similarities between FLDS and WOFF. Brent Jeffs in “Lost Boy”writes that ” in my early childhood, the church was nowhere near as strict as it became. We were allowed children’s books… Later, Winnie and his friends were banned by Warren, who thought humanlike animals was sacrilegious. Ultimately, the only books he allowed were the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and his own teachings.” (page 55)  Then later, “Even books- particularly children’s books – were forbidden. The images in these books were idols. Kids should learn to read from the Book of Mormon or from Warren’s approved writings. Unapproved books were burned at Short Creek.” (page 103)

     Elissa Wall in “Stolen Innocence”writes, ” While we were able to watch TV when I was much younger, life had grown more constricted under Rulon Jeff’s direction. In an attempt to cleanse the people of all outside influences, he banned television, films, and video games. Through Uncle Warren we’d been told that the prophet had ordered that all the books in the school library that were not priesthood approved be burned…  ” (page 37)

     As with FLDS, WOFF has gone through changes in the degree of information control over the years. Some areas have become more strict and some less. Television has been a “no-no” in regular member’s homes for many years. At the church, the television sets are called “monitors” so the children won’t be “confused”. These monitors are connected via a closed circuit broadcast system set-up in the buildings on the property. As mentioned, Jane has at least one television in her home and “God tells her when to watch it”. Other folks would “give over to it when God didn’t say and it would take them over.” So, that is why “regular” members don’t have TVs in their home.

     Radio is “of the devil” and many a person has been scalded in front of the church for being caught or admitting to listening to the radio in their car. That “music or whatever you “gave to” (listened to) will take you to hell!”. One lady said that her  husband was listening to music in his car while he drove around for work; was one reason they separated and eventually divorced. She found evidence of that music in his car! He would not stop listening to music that was not church (Jane ) approved! 

     Children’s books: ALWAYS a big deal at WOFF. Earlier on, I can’t remember one approved children’s book. Later, a member who serves as a librarian in a public school, would bring books to Jane and others in leadership for approval. She then would offer them for sale as a “fund raiser” for the christian school…? So, that was nothing but a seed bed of strife as something obviously would be missed and a parent would fuss because their child saw something “ungodly”. Eventually, the person who “approved” the book would stand up and admit they had missed something and as Sam would put it “every man for himself..” Which never was the case, since everyone lived so closely, that ANY book your child had someone else would see and if it did not “feel right” to them you would be reported… 

     Then there was the “sticky note” solution. Just cover that picture with a sticky note! And warn the children- if they lifted the sticky note, they would be in big trouble! It would show them that there was SIN in their life! Well, I know of what I write because at times, to help a teacher in the school; I would cover the pictures  in the children’s school books- myself! Yes, I am guilty! Why? It was the accepted practice and to kept things going smoothly, you helped the teacher. You NEVER asked “Why are we doing this?” Rest assured, I have seen the error of my ways.

     Things at WOFF may be different now, but I seriously doubt it. There was a time when there was a push to simply write their own curriculum. (Now, that would be an FLDS, Warren Jeffs thing –  if I had ever heard of one!) Not sure how that has progressed or died away. There had been a publicized push years ago for the school to get accredited. That was put on hold with Jane’s assault trial. Not sure if the push has begun again.

     We will continue in the next post with more on books.  Then, lets talk about magazines and the dreaded newspaper. I do hear a whole lot of “quacking” goin’ on!

Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are some good readers inside of WOFF. I know for sure.. 🙂

(Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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FLDS vs. WOFF – the Similarities – part 4

     As the list similarities between FLDS and WOFF grows, it is evident that the mode of operation used by the two leaders is the same. There is evidence of strong control and autocratic leadership methods in each group. FLDS being patriarchal and WOFF being matriarchal; with one central figure in each group who holds the power. (before Warren Jeffs “retired” with his arrest..)

     Warren Jeffs was reported in “Lost Boy” as thinking of “himself as a singer/songwriter, but from my perspective (Brent Jeffs) he really didn’t qualify as either…His singing was amplified over that of the congregation, and often sounded off-key.” (page 59)

     Jane Whaley also took the position as main songwriter in WOFF. She admittedly had no formal training for music, but that did not stop her. She would write songs often “hearing” them during a service. The whole order of service was predicated on whatever Jane “heard from God”; so we stopped and listened as Jane and her support group would gather around the piano and hammer out another song. The whole congregation was expected to “pull on God” to help “birth in the song of the Lord”.. Not every time was a song finished, it may be shelved until a later time.

     In addition, ALL songs sung during praise and worship or any part of the service had to be Jane approved. If Jane was not in the sanctuary, you can rest assured she would be listening on the monitor in her office. (if she was in town) Occasionally, when she was out of town, she still would be listening to the service. Or she could be called by a lieutenant who suspected something was “not right with the music.” She has called back in on her cell phone and corrected whoever was leading the music. That person got things “off track” and she would call to “get things back in the direction God wanted them to go…”.

      Most services the musical instruments would be a piano, electric keyboard and one guitar. Other instruments were added and taken away from time to time according to “what was working in the musicians” at the time. Jane finally heard from God that children could learn to play instruments. Then, some let the instruments occupy a “bigger place in their heart than Jesus”, so Jane stopped music lessons for a long while. As of late, I hear certain children have begun to play their instruments again, “after getting their breakthroughs…”

     There would be no playing of the instruments at home unless “leadership had a ahold of it”…  Jane did not want the children to “be taken over by the music devil”..

     There were three refugees from the Christian music industry that had taken refuge at WOFF. ( I suppose they are still there..) One had been a recording artist and traveled as a drummer with a rock music “superstar”. He had stories that he mainly kept to himself as he has fought drug addition for years. He has been in and out of the church several times over the years. He would always “find a place of repentance” and Jane would let him back up on stage to sing after who knows how many battles with drugs??…  Another man from a European country was an expert sound mixer or producer. He had helped bring certain music styles from Europe to America several years ago. He also had been part owner in a specialty guitar manufacturing company in Europe. The third “refugee” was a Christian music producer out of Nashville who had worked with several leading Christian recording artists. Each would get up and warn the young people of the horrors of not “submitting to Jesus” while playing or singing the song of the Lord. They would name names of several leading Christian artists who had major messes in their personal lives…

     In “Lost Boy”, Brent Jeffs explains the restrictions on movies and music. “Movies were especially bad and to be avoided… And, of course, radio and tapes and CDs— except for Warren’s hymns and speeches— were blasphemous and could get you in trouble if you were caught with them. Some people would listen to his sermons on tape throughout the day.” (page 103) (emphasis added..)

     In “Stolen Innocence”, Elissa Wall writes, “We were encouraged to listen to tapes of Uncle Warren’s important sermons as frequently as we could. Often in school we would hear these tapes wafting out of the loudspeakers as we went about our day. We also would listen to them at home the way other families would listen to music.. I searched for answers in the tapes… If I didn’t understand something, it was better not to say it aloud than appear to be questioning priesthood principles.” (page 52)

     For years at WOFF, the only approved music tape was a praise and worship tape that WOFF produced. We wore out our copy. Also, like FLDS; we were encouraged to hear every service by coming back to the church and listening to the tape; if we had missed it for some reason. And for those “in discipleship” or on “church discipline” – listening to tapes of Jane’s sermons was an important part of “submitting your heart to find a place of repentance” or find out “where you had missed God.”..

    As with FLDS,  movies were not allowed at WOFF. But, Jane did allow folks to “hear God” if they should go to see “The Passion” a few years ago. It was truly a sight to see all those WOFF members in a movie theatre! It was strange, you were being watched to see if you were “giving over” and liking or lusting after the whole movie thing. We all came back to the church for prayer afterwards. The next service, one lieutenant got up and told everyone how wicked the movie was and we all were encouraged to repent for going. Jane had not gone. But, she knew ahead of time this movie would “test our hearts” to see if we still had the “movie devil” in us…

      Again, the similarities between FLDS and WOFF stare us in the face. I close with a quote from one who was revered at WOFF, Ronald Reagan. His funeral was taped and watched as a church service. No one watched it at home,  since no one but Jane admitted to having a TV in their house. “God told Jane” when to watch television. Many times she would watch “Christian” television. She would come back and update us on who “had truth” and who didn’t. I can’t remember her ever saying she totally agreed with any television preacher. Also, Larry King’s last interviewed with Tammy Faye Baker was taped and shown to the whole church..please, tell me why? We also watched as a church, the History Channel’s documentary on the “Origins of Christmas”. But that is for another day…

Okay, here is the simple quote:

“Facts are stubborn things.” – Ronald Reagan

Has anyone seen a “duck” lately?

Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are some good readers inside of WOFF. I know for sure.. 🙂

(Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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Why Am I Explaining These Points?

     I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. – Thomas Jefferson

     Considering the above quote: Do cult mind control groups thrive on “tyranny over the mind of men”?    

     Why am I doing this? Why go to the extent to breakdown the similarities between FLDS and WOFF? First off, having been in WOFF for many years and under the near complete delusion that all was well within that group; it fascinates me to see how wrong I have been. It completely has my attention that I let the “little things” and questions go unanswered and allowed myself to be a part of a group that is SO FAR from normal. The nagging questions on the inside of me were not just “the devil”. It was the voice of sound reason, common sense and God wanting me to wake-up! Amazing…

     There were things that the group provided that I wanted. There was a camaraderie that existed when it was an “us against the world” kind of deal. You rarely ever stopped and ask “Why?” Why do so many folks think we are a cult? Why are there protesters in the street leading to the church holding signs about Jonestown and other such things? Why do so many other local churches organize a group to help folks get out of here? Why do we write down license plate numbers of strange cars when they come down the street? Why do the men dress so much alike? Why do the women have to show their new dresses in front of the whole congregation and take them back to the store if someone else already has that dress? Why did we all shave the facial hair off (if you had any…) in some euphoric demonstration of adherence to a new religious rule? Why do we men submit to the “only white or blue shirts” in the church services? Who first voiced that rule? How did I feel when other men got called out for having the wrong color shirt on in the sanctuary? How did I ignore this? Why did Jane explain the proper way to put toilet paper on the roll during a church service? Why did even the children correct or point out folks who did not follow the “toilet paper” rule? Why are we not allowed to take notes during a church service? Why is the leadership in general and Jane specifically so concerned with appearance? Does ironing your khakis make you a better Christian? Does wearing blue jeans “take you to hell”?

     There were things going on that never set right with me. But, what do you do? You know that voicing ANY negative thoughts or just plain good old fashion questions could land you in hot water. (you could be put in “church discipline” or even put out of the church – just for asking questions. Does that sound healthy?)  So, now that I can learn the answers to the questions I was never supposed to ask; it actually is overwhelming at times. It is hard to think about many other things other than getting answers and sharing them. Answers for me could help someone else who dares asks the same questions… Could WOFF actually be the ONLY group in the world that has it right? Are we the only ones that are going to make it in the end times? Now at WOFF, it was said, “We know we are not the only ones with Truth. There has to be other groups out there, we just have not found them yet..” As far as I know, there never was a search party sent out to find the “other groups” who had Truth. It was just known that others were “not walking where we were.. others did not have the revelation we had…”

     In “Lost Boy”, Brent Jeffs reflects on a time in sixth grade when a boy spoke up with a similar question.  “..(he) asked how our people could be the only ones in the world who are right. I can still remember the teacher’s reaction. It was as if she’d been hit in the face. She immediately grabbed the kid and dragged him into the hallway, shouting “You come with me. NOW!” I don’t know what happened to him, but we didn’t see him until the end of the day and no one ever asked a question like that again.” (page 75)

     So, yes to a large degree this whole practice is therapeutic. And it is a joy to think that others are concerned or even interested in my journey. For it is the similarities between the two groups that help draw obvious conclusions. If it quacks like a duck, if it waddles like a duck… it is more than likely a DUCK! FLDS is a “duck” for sure, and the case is being presented that WOFF is a “duck”. Be assured, there are yet more similarities to expound upon.

Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are some good readers inside of WOFF. I know for sure.. 🙂

(Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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FLDS vs. WOFF – the Similarities – part 3

     Elissa Wall with Lisa Pulitzer wrote “Stolen Innocence“. (copyright 2008) In this book, Ms. Wall explains many aspects of the daily life in a polygamous household. She also explains church history and authority structures of how the FLDS was run.

     The “prophet” had far reaching power and authority in FLDS. “The prophet decides when two people marry, when families can form, and when families that are not working are to be reorganized.” (pg 17) This power brought with it a lot of fear in the FLDS members. Especially when there was “one man rule”..

     Jane Whaley has this same kind of power and authority at WOFF. She exercises authority over who is married, when households can form and when households are not working, she says when and how they are to be reorganized. This power over members is given by default to Jane by some members. Some members own their own houses with other members living with them. Who lives in that house is STILL dictated by Jane – if you are submitted to “God’s will”. Ultimately, Jane is THE one who hears God in these situations as well as EVERY OTHER question at WOFF. Do not be fooled; if you “join” WOFF, then where you live as well as MANY other things will be under Jane’s direction, either directly or indirectly. Those who live in church owned properties are ALWAYS at the direction of Jane about where they live. Just like FLDS; when the very place you sleep and raise your family is subject to immediate change, there is a level of fear associated with that knowledge which can lead you to ignore many issues and rationalize that it is not worth making a scene or questioning leadership. You could lose your home, your job, your family….if you raise the wrong questions.

     Elissa goes on to explain further. “It was common practice to expel men, and in extreme cases women, whom the priesthood considers a threat… All that’s required is for the prophet or someone acting at his direction to say” “You have lost your priesthood”. The significance of this is enormous for believers, as it creates a culture of fear. If a husband loses his priesthood, his family is literally no longer his. In addition, he has to leave his land and home because his home is owned by the FLDS Church and controlled by the priesthood. Faithful wives and children will accept these decisions and wait to be reassigned to another man. In the meantime, the father is told that his only chance to win back his family is to leave and repent at a distance.” (page 18) (emphasis added by author)

     Elissa Wall continues to share that as she was growing up, “..I was taught that I should never do anything to go against the prophet or priesthood. Doing so would ultimately be going against God himself.” (pg 17-18)

     Who can count the number of families that have been broken up because of the same type of power that Jane Whaley possesses? Who can measure the emotional trauma over hearing either from Jane or one of her lieutenants: “You are out of the church. You need to stay away until you find a place of repentance.” Yes, many times it was men, but at times women were expelled, also. Even the highest ranking lieutenants, were subject to being put out and told to “seek God and repent”. There were times Sam Whaley was rebuked in services by Jane and “put out to find a place of repentance”. Even if you spent years in the church, there was always the underlying  faith destroying fear of “What could that person have done to be put out? I want to know so I don’t do that!” Seeing others “put out” was enough in many cases to keep people in line for months or years. The whole situation was to solidify and consolidate Jane’s power base and make sure all members knew who was in charge. A few times, Jane would recount what a person had done to be kicked out. (some times in veiled terms, sometimes not..) That would even further strengthen the fear of other members! The result was fear of Jane more than God. She “spoke for God” and did not allow others to buck or voice doubt of her perfection in that area.

      During my time at WOFF, the ONLY times I heard Jane repent was for mis-pronouncing a name or mispronouncing a word. She would go through fits and scream at members in the services quite frequently. But, “leave her alone, God must be angry with us as Jane is HIS messenger.” Many times, I heard her come into a service screaming,” The sin in here makes me sick!”.  So, after that the joy was hard to show on our faces and many cowered, “What did I do?” Is it my turn to be blasted?” But, don’t get up to use the bathroom during a service, “You should have done that BEFORE the service.” That was always a big deal; lines in the bathroom before service were always long! Also, don’t ever fall asleep or nod in a service. Jane would say- “That “sleep devil” is attacking some in here! Stand up and move to the back so you can hear the WORD! You may miss the very WORD that would keep you from going to hell!”.

     The very first Sunday service of one seminar a few years ago, it was learned by Jane that a certain senior citizen was going to the local grocery stores and picking up fliers for other member’s to use. Jane looked befuddled and said, “No one told me about that…”. She ordered the lady to stand up. This lady was more than half way back in the sanctuary and not far from where I was sitting. Jane said a few things at a high volume and it was plain to see that the senior was shaking. Jane stormed out, but not before she screamed so all could feel it, “Your sin affects me!” What you do in this community is a reflection of me! It was clear that even the best of intentions mattered not. The lady collapsed in a heap crying. She was in “discipleship” (put in another room and not allowed to be in the sanctuary while watching the services on a monitor) until she found a place of repentance. This was another display of the constant fear-based control that Jane Whaley used and continues to use at WOFF.

     The list of similar characteristics and control techniques in FLDS and WOFF continues to grow. There are more yet to come.

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are some good readers inside of WOFF. I know for sure.. 🙂

(Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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